Destiny And Brave Squirrels

So of late I’ve gotten back into video games and in particular Destiny 2! Destiny was actually the first video game I ever bought myself and while my playing was a bit sporadic and I never got through the entire story on my own I still had a lot of fun playing it. It was a good way to blow off some steam and I admit to getting a little too into it at times but who hasn’t? Really it was a fun way to get into the gaming world even if I didn’t participate in everything.

Anyway the first time around I played as a Hunter because I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being a Titan and running head first into things and a Warlock seemed a little too confusing to figure out. I quite liked my Hunter and got very good at sniping things and sneaking around in general. It just seemed easier to not die if I could pick enemies off from a safe distance and then move in for the loot and all that.

However, with Destiny 2 I decided to start a different character because I wanted to try something new. I still wasn’t quite comfortable with the idea of a Titan since I’m terrible at running and aiming a gun at the same time when everyone is attacking me so I went with Warlock…. and I admit I have converted to the Warlock party! I really love playing a Warlock and their powers are so fun and god I can force punch people and its epic! I haven’t gotten very far (though my bf has completed the entire story for it and did so within a day of getting the game as he stayed up all night playing) but I look forward to playing more and making my own way through the game at my own pace.

I look forward to getting to blow off more steam while flying around with a flaming sword and force punching people out of my way!


Now on to the brave squirrels comment since it doesn’t actually have to do with Destiny (as far as I know there aren’t any squirrels but if someone finds one let me know!).

My dog is blind (as you may know if you read the previous posted about Murdock) and I am fairly sure the squirrels in our yard have realized this fact. When he’s out in the yard usually he’s sniffing around being a bit of a dork and generally having a good time playing in the grass. Recently I’ve noticed that the squirrels have started coming down from the trees even when he’s out in the yard and slowly moving towards him while watching him closely.

I think the squirrels consider it a sort of game to see how far they can get before they think he might notice them. So far I think he’s only noticed about once and that was because a squirrel made some noise and he turned and started barking but quickly lost where the noise had come from. Either way its pretty entertaining and I’ll try to get some video to share with you all!


Why The MIA

So I realize I have been entirely MIA (missing in action) lately and that’s not what I set out to do. I set out for this to be something to prove to myself I could do a thing and I really haven’t. In fact I feel like I have proven the opposite, that I cannot keep the promises I make or do the things I set out to do. Its a failing on my part and one that seems to be systemic of the rest of my life at the moment. I keep making promises to myself and not keeping them for one reason or another. None of these reasons are particularly valid except for one.

I have been suffering from a lot of strange and seemingly separate symptoms. I had written these off due to different things like stress or not sleeping or even just general lack of having reasons to leave my house. I had accepted that it was simply my life to be exhausted nearly constantly, have achy and stiff joints, and a myriad of other problems including brain fog that made it hard to think. I figured I would just have to live the rest of my life function at bellow normal levels and learn to cope and work around that, though so far I really haven’t been able to do that.

I recently started talking to a family friend who said my symptoms matched up with what she’d been going through with Lyme Disease. For those who don’t know that’s a tick born illness caused by a bacteria that invades nearly every part of the body and frequently suppresses the immune system making a lot of the body function bellow acceptable levels along with a host of other problems. While there are some areas of the country that tend to have more Lyme then others its quickly becoming more common everywhere. Colorado has never been a place with a particularly high count (though that is changing now) but my mother’s family is from Massachusetts where it is very common and I’ve spent most of the summers of my life there.

So I figured it was worth going in to talk to this doctor that our family friend had been to and see what she had to say. After taking a urine sample test and going in for a consultation about the problems I’ve been having the doctor wanted a few more tests but is fairly sure that it is Lyme disease. With a diagnosis in hand I can now start on medication that is hopefully going to help my body fight off this and return to some normal way of life. The road to that isn’t the easiest as the way to do it is kill off the bacteria within the body thus causing a die off which results in the body over reacting and often the symptoms can get worse before things start getting better. Also since the bacteria is very good at hiding itself in the body it isn’t a quick and simple process either.

That being said for me even just having some idea and being able to start some treatment is really helpful. It just feels really good to know that what I’m going through as a reason and is valid rather then just me making it up or exaggerating my symptoms. It just feels good to know that a doctor actually thinks something is wrong and isn’t just telling me its stress or me not sleeping or what have you.

I feel like this is all a step in the right direction to getting my life back under my control. Having my life heading in a direction towards not being tired all the time and feeling like I can focus and keep a train of thought is really amazing. I really look forward to figuring this all out and getting my life back.

Hello, My Name Is Murdock

So I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time now and I finally decided it was worth getting one for the companionship and the love a dog can bring. Being the generally conscious person that I am I decided to go to the Boulder Humane Society to adopt a dog rather then finding some designer pup somewhere. Not that getting a purebred dog is necessarily a bad thing if you do your homework right and find a good breed but since I wasn’t looking for a specific breed I figured I would go with a rescue instead.

I’ve had a bad habit of looking at adoptable dogs and cats for a while now and tend to always feel my heart strings pulled by the ones most in need. That is to say often the older ones or ones that have a particular problem that others don’t want to deal with. Since I have veterinary technician training now I find that taking care of animals with special needs is a bit easier or at least less daunting.

During my online looking I saw a dog named Stitch who was listed as a Chihuahua mix of just 7 months old and listed as blind. Of course I fell in love with him online but never thought he’d still be at the Humane Society when I went to visit with a friend who was there to look at cats. Well it turned out that he was and I just had to meet him because he was so darn cute online.

When I met him he was so excited and happy to meet someone new even though he couldn’t quite pinpoint where I was without some help. Still, his general happiness was entirely infectious and I found myself smiling. I was entirely smitten right then and there.

Now its been probably about three months since I adopted thing and I’m still as ridiculously in love with this dog as I was before. He is certainly a handful and its an interesting challenge training a dog who can’t see since the methods I am used to all rely on eye contact to know the dog is paying attention but I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s this amazingly sweet puppy who just wants to meet new people and dogs and play with everyone. He’s as cuddly as can be and prefers sleeping under the covers with me and follows me around. He loves to play and squeaky toys as his favorite, for obvious reasons. He always seems to have adorable looks of confusion on his face and sits a bit silly as in the picture. Frankly he’s the most amazing dog and he’s helped me so much lately.

I’ve been stressing about a lot of things of late and its just nice to have a dog around who can help me deal with some of it by sailing through life in such a happily energetic fashion. Even now he’s curled up on the bean bag chair against my knee sleeping peacefully and looking adorable while he does it.