A New Found Love

So I have recently found a love of crystals and stones. They just call to me and I find them very calming. So far I am trying to inform myself more about the culture surrounding them and the thought process of what they can do. I know that each stone has a different sense to it and applies to different things, which to me is extremely interesting! I do not know nearly as much as I wish I did about the subject and I find that I, stupidly, did not take pictures of the info at the store when I got some of my stones. As such now I don’t quite know what all of my stones are (some didn’t actually have info about what they are when I bought them) so if you know what any of these are please let me know! However, I will probably be going through each piece on its own and write up a little bio about it and info about it at some point. For now I am going to share the entirety of my collection with you guys (minus the three pendulums that I have which I will focus on during another post).

Some of these are raw stones, some are polished, and some are even shaped into animals. Some have been gifts given to me by friends or even my parents and some I collected a long time ago while a good portion of them are new. I tried to take the best possible pictures of each but, well, sometimes lighting doesn’t quite cooperate with you. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy and if you know about any of them please let me know! Certainly if you know what one is that I have not labeled I would love to know what it is! 😀

First up we have the ones that I like to classify as ‘raw’ in that they are not polished and are just the stone itself without shaping.

Now these are the ones that I call ‘polished’ because they have been, well, polished and, in some cases, shaped into circles or disks.

Lastly I have the ones that I call ‘shaped’ because they are formed into animals or other recognizable shapes that are not a circle.


Hello, My Name Is Murdock

So I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time now and I finally decided it was worth getting one for the companionship and the love a dog can bring. Being the generally conscious person that I am I decided to go to the Boulder Humane Society to adopt a dog rather then finding some designer pup somewhere. Not that getting a purebred dog is necessarily a bad thing if you do your homework right and find a good breed but since I wasn’t looking for a specific breed I figured I would go with a rescue instead.

I’ve had a bad habit of looking at adoptable dogs and cats for a while now and tend to always feel my heart strings pulled by the ones most in need. That is to say often the older ones or ones that have a particular problem that others don’t want to deal with. Since I have veterinary technician training now I find that taking care of animals with special needs is a bit easier or at least less daunting.

During my online looking I saw a dog named Stitch who was listed as a Chihuahua mix of just 7 months old and listed as blind. Of course I fell in love with him online but never thought he’d still be at the Humane Society when I went to visit with a friend who was there to look at cats. Well it turned out that he was and I just had to meet him because he was so darn cute online.

When I met him he was so excited and happy to meet someone new even though he couldn’t quite pinpoint where I was without some help. Still, his general happiness was entirely infectious and I found myself smiling. I was entirely smitten right then and there.

Now its been probably about three months since I adopted thing and I’m still as ridiculously in love with this dog as I was before. He is certainly a handful and its an interesting challenge training a dog who can’t see since the methods I am used to all rely on eye contact to know the dog is paying attention but I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s this amazingly sweet puppy who just wants to meet new people and dogs and play with everyone. He’s as cuddly as can be and prefers sleeping under the covers with me and follows me around. He loves to play and squeaky toys as his favorite, for obvious reasons. He always seems to have adorable looks of confusion on his face and sits a bit silly as in the picture. Frankly he’s the most amazing dog and he’s helped me so much lately.

I’ve been stressing about a lot of things of late and its just nice to have a dog around who can help me deal with some of it by sailing through life in such a happily energetic fashion. Even now he’s curled up on the bean bag chair against my knee sleeping peacefully and looking adorable while he does it.

Weekend Camping

This last weekend my roommates, boyfriend, and I all got out of the house and decided to go camping in the Rockies! It was almost a perfect weekend for it. We did have a little rain and it was still pretty damn cold at night. However, it was still a great time and we had a lot of fun!

It was honestly really great just to get out and be in the wilderness again because sometimes you just need to take a break from everything else. It was only about a 48 hour period but it was still 48 hours with no phones, no internet, and no need to talk to anyone outside our group. It was a great time and I wanted to share some pictures with you all!

Really it was a great time and I am hoping we’ll get to go again soon! We all want to go back down to the Sand Dunes here in Colorado for a bit so we can sled down them. I’d also love to take them all camping in San Rafael Swell like I used to do as a kid. And of course we have the wonderful Rockies here in our backyard for quick weekend trips!

We wound up seeing a lot of hummingbirds flitting and diving about but not a lot of other creatures. I will admit though that my boyfriend had a run in with a black bear! He was out on his own hiking around the area not far from the camp and came upon the black bear. Thankfully he’s a big guy and knows what to do when he runs into a bear so he scared the black bear off.

Honestly its always great to get back to nature and makes me feel really good. I just feel more freed of worry and relaxed when I get a chance to go out and just be. I guess I live in a pretty good state to do that!