Why The MIA

So I realize I have been entirely MIA (missing in action) lately and that’s not what I set out to do. I set out for this to be something to prove to myself I could do a thing and I really haven’t. In fact I feel like I have proven the opposite, that I cannot keep the promises I make or do the things I set out to do. Its a failing on my part and one that seems to be systemic of the rest of my life at the moment. I keep making promises to myself and not keeping them for one reason or another. None of these reasons are particularly valid except for one.

I have been suffering from a lot of strange and seemingly separate symptoms. I had written these off due to different things like stress or not sleeping or even just general lack of having reasons to leave my house. I had accepted that it was simply my life to be exhausted nearly constantly, have achy and stiff joints, and a myriad of other problems including brain fog that made it hard to think. I figured I would just have to live the rest of my life function at bellow normal levels and learn to cope and work around that, though so far I really haven’t been able to do that.

I recently started talking to a family friend who said my symptoms matched up with what she’d been going through with Lyme Disease. For those who don’t know that’s a tick born illness caused by a bacteria that invades nearly every part of the body and frequently suppresses the immune system making a lot of the body function bellow acceptable levels along with a host of other problems. While there are some areas of the country that tend to have more Lyme then others its quickly becoming more common everywhere. Colorado has never been a place with a particularly high count (though that is changing now) but my mother’s family is from Massachusetts where it is very common and I’ve spent most of the summers of my life there.

So I figured it was worth going in to talk to this doctor that our family friend had been to and see what she had to say. After taking a urine sample test and going in for a consultation about the problems I’ve been having the doctor wanted a few more tests but is fairly sure that it is Lyme disease. With a diagnosis in hand I can now start on medication that is hopefully going to help my body fight off this and return to some normal way of life. The road to that isn’t the easiest as the way to do it is kill off the bacteria within the body thus causing a die off which results in the body over reacting and often the symptoms can get worse before things start getting better. Also since the bacteria is very good at hiding itself in the body it isn’t a quick and simple process either.

That being said for me even just having some idea and being able to start some treatment is really helpful. It just feels really good to know that what I’m going through as a reason and is valid rather then just me making it up or exaggerating my symptoms. It just feels good to know that a doctor actually thinks something is wrong and isn’t just telling me its stress or me not sleeping or what have you.

I feel like this is all a step in the right direction to getting my life back under my control. Having my life heading in a direction towards not being tired all the time and feeling like I can focus and keep a train of thought is really amazing. I really look forward to figuring this all out and getting my life back.


Hey guys! So I’ve been a little busy lately and neglectful of posting on here though I’ve been trying to be more active on some of my social media sites at least! You can always find me posting pictures on instagram, reblogging on tumblr, or trying to twitter without really knowing how to do that.

However! I wanted to share here about my gardening because now that I have an actual house with a yard I’ve been working on making it beautiful! The biggest thing was this patch in the front by the driveway. It was basically just weeds when he first moved in because very little had been done with it and so it had just grown whatever. Well we ripped up the garden fabric that had been there and got rid of a mound of dirt that had somehow formed right by the blush at the end there. And then we sort of got super busy with our lives and just left it so it didn’t look great.

Well we finally got around to going down to Home Depot to get the wood we needed to build the barrier for more (and better) dirt. Well the boys did all that work and got it set up in no time flat! They even borrowed a trailer from one of their father’s and got the dirt and shoveled it all in. That left the actual planting of things to me and my other roommate. Over this last weekend (on Mother’s Day no less) we decided to finally do something about it!

The first step was actually soaking it with water which turned it into more of a mud pit then we were expecting. Then we had to figure out what we wanted to plant in the front. In the end we planted some of what we already had growing including a plants for pollinators packet, snap dragons, and milkweed (as well as a singular merigold I believe). We also planted the Columbine seeds down at the end nearest to the bush (apparently you need to germinate these in the fridge where its cold if you don’t plant them before winter because, being native to Colorado mountains, they need the cold to properly germinate!). Then we added in two different pea plants where both of the polls are sticking up and finally we took the two snapdragon seed mixes we had and scattered them all over the ground.

I wish we’d taken a picture of the mud shoes that the two of us got from walking around in there but we didn’t think to before cleaning them off. It got really bad at one point and it really felt like I had an actual heavy work shoe on my foot! But it was really fun despite all the dirt.

I took this picture after I had finished watering it all again so that’s why the water is pooling on there and all that. We were having a really hard time getting the water to soak down past the first level and really soak into the dirt all the way so we drenched it pretty good. I’ll post up pictures again later once the plants start growing more but for now I’m just so excited about having an actual garden! Now if I can just get the back yard into what I really want it to be that would be amazing (and probably a bit pricey with what I want to do with it)!